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Ahad, 16 Disember 2018

About Malaysia Gazette

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MalaysiaGazette.Com commenced operations on August 1, 2013 to meet the challenges in the fast advancing world of cyber journalism in and out of the country. Boasting a line-up of journalists, photographers and videographers with vast journalism experiences, MalaysiaGazette.Com presents various dimensions of news in keeping-up with current developments.   

Political, economical, social, religious, entertainment and international news are the core of MalaysiaGazette.Com. Multitudes of analysis, articles and personal journals are uploaded in their news portal that is fast attracting the attention of readers from all walks of ages and race. MalaysiaGazette.Com also provides an avenue for readers to air their views and opinions on current issues.

As is the nature of a news portal which is to disseminate speedy and up-to-date information, MalaysiaGazette.Com wants to be the official platform to all Malaysians in presenting well balanced news updates while maintaining the sensitivity of all races and religions. The need of readers for fast and correct news can surely be met through MalaysiaGazette.Com’s portal. 

Our mission and vision are to listen to the voices of Malaysians and to present that in writing to be shared by public and channelled to the rightful parties for action. 24 hour news in an easier to reach medium besides a presentation style that is exciting, extremely important maintaining transparency and upholding truth makes MalaysiaGazette.Com a news portal that is in-trend and trustworthy.